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To attention of political correspondents
The first cogress of Russia's Political Party "Eurasia" (reorganization of All-Russian Social Political Movement "Eurasia" into Political Party "Eurasia")

The 30th of May, 2002
Moscow, Conference Hall of the hotel "Danilovskaya" (Svyato-Danilovskiy Monastery) – Bolshoy Starodanilovskiy pereulok, bldg. 5

The leader of Party "Eurasia" is Dugin Alexander Geliyevich.

The founder and developer of modern Russian geopolitical trend and the theory of neo-eurasianism, author of the manual "Basics of geopolitics" and many other books, published in Russia as well as abroad, Russia's leading expert in the sphere of geopolitics, politologist, philosopher. The Party is based on the principles of eurasism, inter-cofessional harmony, eurasist federalism, on the norms of patriotism and social justice, the historical and geopolitical succession of different civilizational forms of the Russians – from Kievan and Moscow Russ to Saint-Peterburg Russia and then to Soviet and democratic Russia.

The basic characteristics of the Party "Eurasia" are as follows:
1. Its political strategy – policy of "Radical Centrism". It combines the rightist elements – strengthening the State, national traditions of Russia's peoples, morality, multi-modal economy etc., together with the leftist ones – socially oriented economy, charity programs etc.
2. Its attitude to Russia's President and Government is loyalist and supportive. Disagreement with some elements of their strategy is expressed in the form of constructive approach, moving alternative strategies.

Manifest of the Eurasist movement
In our Russian society – specially in the social and political sphere – at the beginning of the new millennium a deficiency of ideas is painfully felt. The majority of the people – including governors, politicians, scientists, workers – are guided in life, in political choice by a set of momentary factors, casual concerns, transient ephemeral calls. We are quickly losing any general representation about the sense of life, about the logic of history, about the problems of man, about the destiny of the world. Existential and social choice has been substituted by aggressive advertising. In the place of meaningful and accountable political ideology stands some effective (or ineffective) PR. The outcome of the struggle of ideas is defined by the volume of investments in entertainment. Dramatic clashes of peoples, cultures and religions are turned into shows inspired by transnational corporations and oil holdings. Human blood, human life, human spirit became statistical abstraction, consumer cost, at its best – demagogic figure of speech in mellifluous and ambiguous humanitarian lamentations, hiding a double standard.

The eurasist vision
Basic principles of the eurasist doctrinal platform: "Every historical epoch has its own peculiar system of coordinates political, ideological, economic and cultural. For example, the XIX century in Russia passed under the sign of the dispute between Slavophiles and Pro-westerners. In the XX century the watershed passed between Reds and Whites. The XXI century will become the century of the opposition between atlantists (the supporters of unipolar globalism) and eurasists".

The outcome of the Political Conference of the Movement EURASIA
On March 1, 2002 the enlarged Political Council of the Pan-Russian Political Social Movement EURASIA was held; the Council voted the transformation of the Movement in the Party EURASIA. The Constituent Congress of the Party EURASIA will be held on May 30 this year.

Theses of Dugins address to the Political Conference of the Pan-Russian Social-Political Movement EURASIA
The path the West has taken is destructive for itself and for all those who are tempted to follow it. The same West must be saved. Its civilization is spiritually empty, false and monstrous. Behind economic prosperity there is a total spiritual degradation. We do not need prosperity at the price of losing our human face. If the West insists on this road, let it fall alone into the abyss.

The future of Russia depends on our will
The leader of the All-Russian Socio-political Movement "Eurasia", Aleksandr Dugin, answers to SMI.RU readers questions.

The swallows of Apocalypse
What happened in the US on 11.09.2001 changes the course of the world history. As after the shoots of Gavril Prinzip in Sarajevo or after the invasion of Nazi troops into Czechoslovakia, the path of mankind instantly goes astray from that track which still yesterday seemed so firm. Today as never it is important to realise: what has really happened?

Peace at any cost
The main strategical task of the US in this situation is to clearly reconfirm in the eyes of the world community its leading situation in the world, seizing the right to violate all international rules and the state sovereignty of those countries which stand on the way of US national interests. The US demand full support to their initiative from all the states in the world (especially in Eurasia). Offering such support will be considered as the acknowledgement of the unipolar world, while refusing it – as a direct challenge thrown at the US. The rejection of the full American request is evaluated by the US government as a ‘declaration of war’ and ‘supporting international terrorism’. Without going deep into the question of the true authors of the attacks, we must unequivocally state: the US try to exploit the occurred tragedy in their avid interests, and – on the wave of international solidarity, emotion and human compassion – build and consolidate the strategic ‘new world order’, and their formal strategical, ideological and political supremacy in it.

Comments to four questions by Ima-press
About russian military reform, Bin Laden, military bases and NATO
Aleksandr Dugin: «It all seems to me as a gloomy farce. When I see Bin Laden on the screen it seems to me that all the scenery is built somewhere in California, since it does not as much suit the Islamic consciousness, as express some expectations of the modern man of the West. I do less and less believe in the existence of Bin Laden. It is known that he was a CIA agent, and I do not exclude he is an hired actor, indispensable for the US to justify the new geopolitical trends – such, as settling military bases in Central Asia, mobilizing its own civil population stuck in the mud of political indifference and disintegration, intimidating Europe, who now has to pay the American military expenses, and Russia, who swears to obey the US in everything».

Analysis of the spiritual-religious aspects of globalisation
Can we evaluate globalisation in eschatological terms?
Aleksandr Dugin: «We mean that, once the process of planetary unification has reached some definite moment, the territorial localisation of the directional centre the localisation of the World Government – will have no more a decisive significance».

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